Spring in Queenstown

September to November Period

Temperatures are estimated to be between 8°C – 22°C
The springtime in Queenstown is a time for fun and adventure. Discover the green valleys that burst with
fresh spring buds, green pastures that may still be frosted by snow-capped peaks, awaiting the arrival of

The ski fields are generally open until early October, you can ski in the morning and either Hike, golf or
even mountain bike in the afternoons. Spring brings about warmer weather which allows you
to enjoy adventures in the mountains, filled with fun and excitement—allowing for the most beautiful
memories to be captured with family and friends on the slopes.

The sun rises fairly early and continues to beam its warmth and light until 7-8 pm, with temperatures that can vary very between 8°C – 22°C. You can’t forget to pack a coat or jumper as the days slowly begin to get warmer for longer—enough time and hours created to enjoy the sun on your perfectly designed holiday.

Queenstown’s climate brings warmer, longer days in the springtime, which can also bring about
unpredictable weather. I would suggest packing enough for both warmer and cooler days.
With the ski areas, cycling and walking areas being open, they offer brilliant vantage points of the
landscape across the region. Photographers, it’s the perfect time to capture the most impressive snow-
capped peaks alongside spring daffodils and cherry blossoms.

Queenstown is also known as the wine-growing region, especially for its Pinot Noir variety and the ultimate growing conditions mean the area boasts its fair share of award-winning vintages. Spring how cases the beauty in the vineyards encouraging serene and indulgent wine tours, nibbling on platters and
sampling Pinot Noir while enjoying mesmerising views.

Queenstown has over 150 eateries on offer, with exciting events that will be on show during the spring
season. Every season in Queenstown offers its own unique, breathtaking beauty that you can’t afford to
miss. Explore Queenstown, for its rich beauty and history.


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